Meet Victoria Elefante

Victoria Durrer Gasse La Galeria Elefante Ibiza

I came to Ibiza for the first time in 1970 with my mother and spent every summer here thereafter… loving the smell of pine forests, the sea, the sunsets, the relaxed vibe, the hippies and all the dirt roads! Every summer was a perfect holiday of nearly 3 months and occasionally an Easter vacation too.

There were very few tarmac roads, mostly all were dirt roads, and as young teenagers we drove around on mobylettes. We had a blast exploring the island and meeting friends on beaches and then later the nightclubs – Pacha and the infamous KU… dancing into the morning and finding our way home in time for breakfast. Days were spent sailing to and around Formentera with groups of friends in their own boats – us teenagers and kids camping on Espalmador, whilst parents slept in the boats. Memories of those summers are visions of picnics, laughter, music, dancing and the first kiss… all sweet joyous growing up awkwardness touched by salt, sand and the love of this island.

I have always had a passion for the hand-made crafts – whether it be a ceramic bowl, crochet-lace bedspread, or a beautiful woven textile, hence my love for the unique and the special pieces we have in the shop. I was inspired very much by my grandmother who loved embroidery and needlework. I have often used her pieces as samples of inspiration for our NGO SEWA to make our hand embroidered cushions. She was a remarkable lady and had the most fabulous taste, or I learnt young to appreciate her taste!

I was very lucky as I was approached by my friend the owner of the building of the Galeria, and asked if I wanted to do a shop in the building – and that´s how we started, 9 years ago…

In business and in my private life I love to travel, so my work is really like a hobby. I am able to go to many places where I can explore the terrain of textiles and also enjoy great food, cafes, and meet new people and walk around and discover local markets… often leading me to new NGO potential and through these trips I always manage to find beautiful pieces to bring back to the Galeria to share the love with those clients that have a love for the same things.

My winters are a lot about new designs so I work in my studio adjacent to my house in Santa Agnes, Ibiza, and prepare my trip to India and Nepal to work with the NGOs and the Nepalese foundation. This past winter I did a few pop ups: one in London and one in New York, which have been fabulous and great fun. Pop ups are fun because you meet new people and actually it´s very inspiring to go to the big city and enjoy new appreciation from new clients. I also show new pieces and my new collections to other retailers and am now on my second collaboration with Urban Outfitters Europe.A few other retailers are on the horizon now too.

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