La Galeria Elefante Studio

La Galeria Elefante Studio Well-being For Every Being

We love the idea of being as beautiful as we can be – inside and out.
How about you? A happy, healthy body encourages a happy, healthy mind
so if you’re in Ibiza, pop by our gorgeous studio and sign up for a wellness class or two…

Around the side of the store, we have a peace and tranquillity space.
A place to go for meditation, yoga, pilates, workshops and wonderful restorative body classes.
We’d love to see you. You just need to come by in comfy clothes.
We have mats, cushions and everything you need to stretch or chill right out and find the new you within.
With wooden floors, whiter than white ceiling and mirrored and white walls, it’s a great space
to breathe, to OM and to chant to your heart’s content.
The studio is run by Jody who, as well as being a fully trained and certified
Sound Practitioner, is also one of our star workers in the shop.

Here is our current timetable which can also be found on our Facebook page.
The timetable sometimes changes from week to week.
We like a bit of a change, don’t you?
So do email us for update information.
We’re open all year round and invite you to pop in and see us.


For more information about the studio please contact Jody.
Jody Swingler is a fully trained and certified Sound Practitioner and
has been working with sound as a tool for meditation & healing since 2008.
Available upon request are 1-1 Sound Therapy sessions
as well as Gong Baths.

Tel: +34 627699371

Jody Swingler, La Galeria Elefante Studio, Ibiza


Supporting Charities

Made from the heart.
Working alongside NGO’s enables us to support women workers and their communities around the world,
including mothers & children in South Africa & Indonesia, orphanages in Nepal and the
Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) which works across the whole of India.
Giving back is at the heart of La Galeria Elefante’s ethos.

An Ibiza association close to our hearts that we are proud to support is the
Samasound Association of Healing Music –
Healing Sounds & Music for hospitalized, elderly people and children with special needs.
The Samasound Association was created in Ibiza in 2007 by Bettina Maureenji a musician and sound healer.
In the summer of 2007 she met Sandra D’Auriol,
Director of the Child Welfare Scheme ( and was invited to play music in her house in Ibiza.
This encounter was the inspiration for Bettina to create Samasound.

“We currently have one project in Ibiza for the elderly who live in the “Cas Serres” Hospital in Ibiza town. The intention is to bring healing sounds and music “on the wings of love and care“.

Samasound currently has a team of 3 people: Maureen, Yoav and Jody.
Jody became a member of the Samasound Team in the Summer of 2012 where she accompanied
Maureen to the hospital to offer the residents interactive sound workshops.
The weekly sessions not only brought, but continue to bring pleasure and enjoyment to the residents, at the same time offering a means of creativity and expression, which in turn helps to build their self esteem and confidence.
The hospital staff have commented that the residents not only look forward to the weekly sessions,
but that the morale and spirits of the residents is increased following a session.
Some of the exercises have been designed & created with the intention of building and increasing memory,
as some of the patients in the group suffer from Alzheimers’ and Dementia.
Repetition is a good way of increasing memory and so there are certain
exercises and songs that are brought into each session as a way of building memory.
These exercises can be adapted to suit the needs of each person.

As well as the weekly sound workshops, Samasound offers a monthly concert
which is held in the main function hall of the hospital.
This enables more of the people to access the music as the weekly sessions are limited to a certain number.
During the monthly concerts, the Samasound team perform songs as well as inviting
the residents to come to the “stage” to sing and perform.
Staff and residents both participate in the monthly concerts and this brings a real sense of joy and community.

The hospital provides instruments that are shared amongst the group as a way of involving each person,
and a recent donation from Samasound meant that more instruments could be purchased,
and the group now have a larger variety of instruments to create different sounds and music.

Peace and harmony and some jolly good fun!

For more info about Samasound, please contact