Welcome to La Galeria Elefante

Welcome to our store. We invite you to dive in, share our passion for global beauty and feel the love.
Our concept store is a wild and wonderful collective of pieces lovingly brought together
from around the world for you to adorn your home, body and soul.

Come with us on a journey where you can enjoy delicious colours, smells, textures and artistry all lovingly designed
to lift up our senses and spin us around with joy. We have the essence of Ibiza in our hearts.
We’re all about living life, loving laughter and creating the energy of beauty wherever we go.
Come and see us. We love it when friends drop by…

La Galeria Elefante is a concept store and a collection of the very best and most unusual pieces and crafts
from around the world curated by the store creators as part of their travels and journeying around the world.

Based in Ibiza, the store has at its heart the values of the White Isle which is known around the world for its eclectic nature,
never-say-never attitude, run with the wind and hedonistic style which has enchanted so many for so long.

A meeting place of music, writers, artists and those in search of fun,
the store wraps up everything that is Ibiza into a style that is its own.

Sharon and Victoria run the store together and their two styles come together and blend to create the concept store vision.
Sharon was born on the island of Jersey, Victoria in the UK and they both live on the island of Ibiza and
travel extensively as part of the Elefante journeying.

Every piece is collected with love.
Every piece tells a story.
Behind the pieces there is a collective of global citizens
who have crafted, woven, sewn and created their unique crafts.
The store aims to give back to these astonishing people around the world and with this in mind is involved in
supporting charities from many of the places that these pieces are sourced from…

Barefoot Whispers…
we are shopowners
colourful beachcombers
nomadic drifters
global travellers
theatrical deserters
mothers of sons
star gazers
floating sisters
weavers and traders
and lovers of beautiful things
enjoying barefoot shadows
on this indigo island…